Conference 2019

The conference this year was on Thursday October 24th and Friday October 25th.


Below you can see what we did, and check out this link to our keynote speaker’s work:

Professor Sugata Mitra in ACTION

Video – Sugata

Aligning with our Mission statement, the title and theme was:

‘The Laboratory for Learning’

Thursday 24th

School is open in the morning only – see the message for dismissal times in JS and US;
On Thursday morning in US, Jan Lane, a writer with a background in tv journalism and for the last 5 years working in schools in the UK, will be running a long morning workshop session on short writing and the writer’s journal with IB Dip students (Grade 11, 2.5 hours, student groups and timings to be confirmed with English teacher colleagues and Andrew/Antoinette).
Staff observers welcome – let Phil know.

Jan is currently working on preliminary questions around doctoral study at Exeter University in the UK, based on how the writer’s journal influences writer outcomes. Her research will involve working with students in schools in England and internationally, and hopefully this will be the start of a relationship with ISF. There is also a link here with the funding raised by the PA to support artists and creative practitioners across ISF during 2019-20.
Just to be open, Jan and Phil worked together in the company INVIGORWRITE, before Phil came to ISF and Jan started her PGCE as a secondary English teacher.
Jan has an MA in Creative Writing from Manchester Met University.

(Jan is not charging a fee for her visit.)

Thursday afternoon 2.00-3.30pm –

Prof Sugata Mitra will be running a workshop in the Aula Magna at US with a group of G4/5 students. He is going to model his latest research work in the area of enquiry learning and the application of the SOLE approach.

I am hoping the idea gains a following at ISF and we become a SOLE school this year as part of our research and learning approach.

Staff is expected to attend this event, which will be filmed for showing during the conference and on our website after.

Check out the SOLE Central website

Coincidentally, Sugata’s new book is launching this September 3rd in the United States and then a few weeks later worldwide, The School in the Cloud. There is a forward in the book by Prof John Hattie. The Senior Marketing Manager for Corwin Press has asked if we will have books available and fliers at the conference – that was a YES!

Thursday evening – 7.00-9.00pm Community Event

Members of our school community will be invited to US or an external venue in Florence City for a taster session of our Cohort 1 staff research programme, alongside a session with Sugata and Dr David Wood, who will be speaking on creativity, schools and research.

Hopefully you will also be able to give a 5 minute flavour of your research project.

And the fruits of the IB Dip students’ work from the morning will be performed.

Friday – school is closed for the Staff Research Event

There will be keynotes by Prof. Sugata Mitra and Dr David Wood, alongside presentations of your research findings and implications for learning.

Please see the full programme here

ISF Research Conference staff version