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Welcome to the third ISF Staff Research Conference, Friday April 15th, 2022. Cohort 3 researchers have 10 projects to present, including this year a parent group reporting on transition into the DP. We also have a keynote speech from one of our Icelandic visitors Hjördís Þorgeirsdóttir.

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Whilst there was no general theme when we started way back in September, 2021, it became apparent as the data was collected and analysed and the projects shaped, re-shaped and morphed into what they are now, that a common theme was around ‘personalisation’. The researchers, following their personal passions, interests and curiosities have all looked at how the learning experience can best be shaped for individuals and groups of students. Personalisation is a tricky concept in education. It lies at one end of the differentiation/meeting the needs of all learners spectrum, focusing on the individual learner. It might appear as an unattainable or impossible goal to those teachers who find differentiation particularly difficult. I would argue though that all good teachers do this quite naturally or ‘intuitively’, although intuition for me is down to applying professional knowledge to professional practice. ‘Knowing your students and how they learn’ is the first Teaching Standard on the Career Development Continuum and ISF teachers pride themselves on knowing their students and their families.
It could be argued though that we need to know more, and for example use assessment more systematically and thoughtfully and formatively – the theme of our Keynote Speaker, Hjördís Þorgeirsdóttir.

In choosing your 5 sessions, do what the researchers have done – take a risk and go somewhere you wouldn’t normally consider. If the technology works, all the sessions will be available later for viewing.

Whatever your choices, enjoy the day, celebrate your colleagues resilience through another difficult year, and above all take the opportunity to reflect on your practice and how to make it better.

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