Each Cohort of researchers is expected to present their findings at an evening Community Event to parents and students, and at an annual Staff Research Programme, usually the day after the Community Event.

In 2019 this was in October for Cohort 1.

Cohort 2 moved to April 2021 due to the continued disruption caused by COVID-19.

Cohort 3 is also in April, 2022 and will report on April 14th and 15th.

In addition, staff are invited to shape their findings into recommendations for further action and incorporation into school development plans. This may include further funding as ‘cycle 2’ style action.

There are other opportunities to present findings and researchers are encouraged to follow up their work at educational conferences such as CARN, MAIS or IB conferences. A recent online medium for scholarly research publication and linked to CARN, is CARNPRAXIS.

There are other outlets for publication in the scholarly sense such as this link to Praxis-Teacher.