Rehearsal Weekend April 8/9

Welcome to the final weekend of face to face sessions before the Conference.

You have made it so far, mostly still standing, and are are all very wonderful people!



  hours  minutes  seconds


Research Conference

The following slides will help us navigate through the next 2 days:

Final Presentations

Here is an outline of the sessions:

Research Conference Preparation and Rehearsals

Friday April 8th and Saturday April 9th, 2022

Friday April 8th: convene at Upper School, Room 22, 

Refreshments from 3.30, aim to start close to 4.00pm

Outline of our aims for the weekend.

  • To be ready for the staff conference.
  • To record the short presentations for the community event.
  • To rehearse the long presentation, receive peer feedback and amend as necessary following reflection.

Before the weekend 

We hope you will have:

  • Completed your abstract and sent it to us ready for posting on the website and available to staff to sign up for their chosen 5 sessions (intention is to go live on April 8th)
  • Finished or very nearly finished your short (5 minute) and extended (30 minute) presentations.

Friday 8th April 2022 


  • Reminder of format and content for each presentation.
  • Explanation of format for recording and sending us your short presentation.
  • Request for your copy of the long presentation and transcript to us too.

4.45 Rest of the session to be used to make final adjustments to your presentations.

(If you are ready, then please record your short presentations this evening then support others).

6.00 Organisation for Saturday’s session:


Groups working together

Q and A – Final technical and logistical issues.

Saturday 9th April 2022

09.00 refreshments available

9.30 Organisation for today:

  • 2 groups work together. 
  • First group presents their long presentation. 
  • The other group gives supportive/critical feedback. 
  • Allocate 1 hour each for the run through and feedback.
  • Make sure you allocate a timekeeper!
  • You will work in the rooms allocated for your Conference presentation sessions (see Programme)
  • Swap over after an hour 
  • Each team will be supported by PW/HW or another person.

11.30 Break


  • Back in your groups to rehearse and record the short presentations and send the file to us for uploading.

If you finish early please check if other groups need support or go back to fine tuning your long presentation.


Conference day final organisation.

1.00pm LUNCH and CLOSE

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