March-towards presenting findings

Welcome to our March 4/5th session as we move ever closer to presenting findings on April 14th and 15th.

On Friday March 4th

We will look at how best to organise the 2 conference events and consider various approaches to presenting.

Refreshments will be available from 3.30pm in Room 22 at Upper School.

We will aim to start at 4.00pm, or as soon after, considering JS staff who finish later and have to travel over to Upper School.
4.00pm: Welcome back and introduction to the weekend sessions.
4.10pm: Yasemin has kindly agreed to talk briefly about IT support and offer her considerable expertise.
4.30pm: How should we organise the Thursday Community Event and the Friday all day conference? See October 2019 and April 2021 Conference pages
ACTIVITY – Consider/Discuss/Brainstorm the following points in small groups:

  • We have 10 projects to present
  • Thursday should be no more than a 5-10 minute taster for each project – live and online (could we use the Teach Meet format for example – Rachel?)
  • Thursday also clashes with Spring Board Forum – suggestion is to combine the 2 events – 7.00-9.00pm; David has suggested to Board Chair – 1 hour Board Forum followed by 1 hour of 5 minute project presentations with short Q and A; it is the evening before the holiday and traditionally many families head off so attendance might not be high! New HoS is expected to attend online)
  • Friday all day is on campus from 08.30-3.00pm (finishing at 2.30 would be appreciated by all no doubt!)
  • We used US successfully for the last 2 conferences, meeting in the Aula Magna for intros, keynotes and endings, with breakout rooms for presentations
  • What room do you want to work out of for your presentation?
  • Online link for Friday for new HoS and others – Zoom considerations but not determinants?
  • Friday sessions are 45 minutes including any Q and A with 10-15 minutes changeover – how many sessions should we offer? Previously researchers wanted a session break to see another group present – is this something you want too?
  • We have a keynote speaker on Friday (when to place her?) – Dr Hjordis Thorgeirsdottir. Her theme is Formative Learning. Hjordis has been the Lead Researcher at Sund Upper School, Reykjavik for quite a few years. 4 staff altogether are visiting from Iceland including the Headteacher. They will also be in school on Thursday (JS and US visits).
  • What else should we include – a panel discussion…Intros and Endings…breaks…lunch…?
5.00pm: Suggestions??? SLT will consider on Monday
5.30pm: Presenting findings

Contents of your presentation: A Guide

We will run through some options below quickly and then allow you time to follow the links and ideas and consider what might work best for you. You can continue exploring tomorrow.

  • What you need to include as a ‘given’. Examples from last year (links to be added here)
  • The formal report – see IMRAD and PRAXIS links – PRAXIS are aware of our work and are interested in considering publishing our outcomes
  • Using Google slides – quick and easy and accessible for staff
  • Using Google Sites – underused resource? I have seen some great past projects presented using a google site – great for parking your full range of data in one place and creating different pages for different parts of your process.
  • The e-poster – becoming more common at conferences – some examples
  • Classic slide show – with visuals – photos, charts, documents, drawings, videos and audio etc as appropriate
  • Workshop – participants complete various activities to exemplify your intervention and illustrate your findings
  • PechaKucha – a visual feast you talk to – see the link
  • What makes a great presentation? We will run this as a ‘poster’ activity through the weekend so you can add the ingredients you think go into successful presentations.
  • We also need an updated and completed ABSTRACT so parents and staff have some basic info and so staff can make choices around which presentations to attend – deadline for this is Monday April 11th.
ISP Action Research Project 2016

6.30pm – Very quick plenary and end of the session

Saturday march 5th

Breakfast from 09.00

09.30-10.00 Round Robin – please provide a quick update (3 mins max!) of where you are at with your project, thoughts on presentation mode, and what you hope to achieve by the end of today.

Reminder of presentations poster.

10.00-12.30 Independent working

12.30 Comments, questions…, actions, presentation poster review of ideas… stuff for between now and the next meeting, arrangements for the rehearsal weekend, April 8th and 9th…continue the discussion over:

1.00pm LUNCH

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