December-January wish list

First though we would like to wish you all the best holiday season you can have and especially by keeping safe and healthy!

Recognising that different researchers and teams are at different stages and in most cases everyone moves across the stages between refining the question/s, gathering data, planning and putting interventions into practice, and analysing the results, we are at the point where, at our January meeting, we would like to focus on the analysis of data, pointing you towards some approaches previous researchers have found useful.

Here are some suggestions for watching and reading in preparation for the sessions on Friday and Saturday January 28/29th.

  1. The following slide show taken from Gerald Pine’s Data Analysis section, attempts to summarise some things to do with your data.
    1. PPTX version

2. PDF version

The following link is a very dry but an informative step by step video about analysing interview data (6 minutes 50 seconds) and coding:

Analysis, interview data and coding

Here’s another example – there are many on youtube!

You might then progress to this video which is much more in depth (18 minutes)

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