November 20 Outcomes

Thank you for re-working your abstracts and summaries.

Here is a collection of responses to the questions we posed:

At 12.30 we would like you to share an example of:

  • your refined question
  • some data collection methods/approaches used so far
  • your intervention so far
  • ethical issues
  • feedback from others that has informed you – students, colleagues…
  • great readings, ‘listenings’ you recommend

Please update your abstract following the guidelines on the template


Please check and amend the summary document presented to SLT and useful for accreditation, Board updates, Flash…

Links to updated abstracts – We will add to this as they come in and invite the research group to comment as ‘critical friends’ (if you own the document please add cohort 3 as commenters)


English team




Sarah/Nina/Stefano (Parent group)

Next face to face Session – Friday January 28th, Saturday January 29th.

We will arrange meetings with you online before then and again during that week on campus.

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