First Full Session

Face to Face (F2F) 

Saturday September 4, 2021

Welcome to the first full F2F session! 

Welcome to some new staff researchers and hopefully some parent researchers.

The format for the day is as follows:


Light breakfast outside the Villa Nuova at the Upper School

Please note you must have a Green Pass to attend on campus.



Session 1 All together Room 22

Introductions and today’s programme

OUTCOMES of today:

  1. Confirm why you are here and what we are doing (IMPROVE…INTERVENE…IMPACT)
  2. Know the process and the key milestones (dates for doing something)
  3. Ethical considerations
  4. Establish research groups
  5. Write/Re-write your research question
  6. Work on your intervention/action plan

10.15 – 10.30

New/unattached Researchers group with Phil


What are your ideas at this point? What are the parameters of the research – staff…parents?

What big themes are most appropriate for you?

established research group with helen:

Regrouping, reading, reviewing the process…your big theme, refocusing on your research question/s – ‘How can I/we improve… (an aspect of your professional practice)?

What has changed since the last meeting?

Integrating the new staff members into a team/your team


A reminder of the importance of the literature in your research as a data source and the place of the literature review in this kind of research; library resources and the online journals.

What did you read over the summer related to your research theme?

Check out the Resources page of this site and especially at the bottom of the page there are some useful readings – the really useful Gerald Pine chapter and the research Toolkit.

What is your reading telling you about your big theme?

Parental involvement, ethics and getting ready to joining with the parents’

Ethics and confidentiality;

The research site and other resources.


All together

  • Sharing the thinking
  • Know the process and the key milestones (dates for doing something)
  • Ethical considerations
  • Establish research groups
  • The research site and resources

11.15-11.30 Short comfort break


Working in groups

Sharing the bid ideas – storming, forming, norming…; ‘the end in mind’ – working through the expectations, the calendar dates, the bits in between, the research presentations to the community, to the staff in April 2022. What happens afterwards – findings and recommendations from Cohort 2?

What next? Nailing your questions, making an action plan, collecting baseline data…online check-ins; the next meeting.


Regroup and revisit the outcomes of the day

What next?


LUNCH provided on campus

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