Cohort 2 recommendations

Follow this link for the Cohort 2 Recommendations and Commendations document.

You will find the following headings:

Project Title & TeamKey Recommendations – AimsKey Recommendations – ActionsCurrent Situation (at May 2021)

Programme review – General Recommendations & Commendations

Researchers offered the following advice:

Advice for next cohort 

*I recommend involvement in the research programme. It is a fabulous opportunity to connect our community and create innovation and change. In terms of advice I would suggest blocking out some time in your weekly schedule to dedicate to research. 

*Regularly reviewing a research journal also really helps with collation of readings and findings.

*We established regular, routine meetings and outlined our goals for these meetings.  This helped to keep ourselves on track for completion without too much stress.  We frequently used the Kent Lofgren video to follow the step-by-step process for coding and disseminating our data.  It worked beautifully! We kept a shared file where we kept all relevant information together (articles, research data, charts, quotations) relevant to our research. This was useful to progress with the study and at a glance note how the  study was progressing and where we needed to focus our attention. 

*If you have to collect preliminary data, make sure you do it as soon as possible, so that you have more time to plan/develop the main intervention. Make a timeline of your plan and stick to it as best as possible.

*Keep in mind that the conference date is around the time of the IB deadline, so just plan accordingly. 

*Subscribe to CARN network as an action research forum and annual conference organisers. (We are now subscribed – contact Julio for details)

*Use Julio Puente and the US Library resources – see the new research shelf of books and journals.
Things that worked well 
ISF Research Blog 
Regular Cohort meetings
The leadership and guidance by Phil and Helen enabled me to complete the project and was invaluable. 
Valuable input from parent researchers, looking at our project from a different perspective.
Having teachers from both campuses, which allowed us to create links between the JS and US students.

People interested in further development of their projects

Denley – Yes I am interested in collating my research in a journal article.

Toni and Ginevra – Happy to talk to Cohort 3 researchers.

Anthony – I will aim to work on a blog posting. Also maybe an extract from my journal describing the research process and how it went – might be helpful for cohort 3 researchers?

Andrea and Margaret – Yes, we would like to sum up our work in a Scholarly paper. 

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