Dates for 2021-22

ISF Research Programme 

Cohort 3 Provisional Dates 2021-22

The following dates represent the times when we get together on campus – the Face to Face meetings.

In between the Face to Face we will have online catch ups as required by you, and 1:1 meetings during the school day in the lead up to the Face to Face sessions. Phil, and as often as possible Helen, will be in school in the week leading up to the Face to Face sessions. 

Face to Face sessions are usually on a Friday evening, 4.30-6.30 at Upper School followed by optional supper,  and on a Saturday, 09.30-1.30 including refreshments and lunch to finish.

DatesSession title
Face to Face Intro
Exploring a tension
01.09.2021Zoom intro for parents interested in the research programme, 3.30pm.
Staff researchers invited to join.
Zoom Code
03.09.2021 (Friday session: if there is a Welcome Back Cocktail for families and staff we will meet just on Saturday 04.09.2021)Face to Face 1
Fine tuning your question, Planning an intervention (Action Plan), Data Collection 1;
Intro of parent researchers
Face to Face 2
Data Collection 1, Implementation of intervention (Take Action)
Face to Face 3
Analysis of data 1, data collection 2 (filling the gaps)
Face to Face 4
Analysis of data 2, data into evidence
Face to Face 5
Evidence into findings – Presenting your findings and recommendations
Dress rehearsal for presentations
14.04.2022Community Research Conference
(short input from each group)
15.04.2022Staff Research Conference
(full day of presentations)
?.05.2022 date to be confirmedCelebration 
Recommendations and Commendations for SLT and evaluation of the programme

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