The Art of refining

Saturday activities designed to help you define and refine your big theme down into some core research questions.

  • We will like the idea of using analogy to help in this refining:

Keep hold of your BIG IDEAS that draw us in and paint pictures:

THE ESCAPE ROOM – also a metaphor for…

THE WELLBEING JOURNEY – with your map and compass…

  • Reconnaissance – reviewing the landscape, checking what’s out there – looking at the literature to help with your focus, build up your store of knowledge, and take you in unexpected directions.
  • Seeing the PARADIGM as something we want to change or SHIFT

Today’s activities

  1. Intro – the Daily News – Morning Papers activity – transitioning into a new space (home/work/school…) & refining right down to the ‘BOOM’ (contextual clue – you have to know that Prince Harry used this with his granny/nonna!)
  2. Here’s the link: The Daily News – taking a big story and synthesising it right down to the core;
  3. Critical reading activity (Helen) Research Methods in Education, Chapter 22, Cohen, Manion et al (2018);
    1. FEEDBACK from the activity;
    • Helen
    • Julio
  5. The RESEARCH PROBLEM – refining and refining from the BIG IDEA – some thoughts and some action – slide show (Helen) BIG PAPER activity (Phil)
    1. Working on your ideas – time to work – big or small – be prepared to share later.
  6. Learning from Cohort 2 researchers and working with parents
    1. Toni Hillman has prepared a short slide show

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