Friday May 21, 2021, 4.30-6.30pm

This is the start of something and you will never be the same again – be warned!

A HUGE WELCOME to the Research Programme and of course welcome back to those of you who can’t get enough!!

Tonight is a gentle introduction where we will raise a glass to what might be next April (Presenting your findings at the Research Conference), and to what will happen in between (your PROCESS which is probably more impactful).

This is what COHORT 2 said and please look at the advice they have offered – more about this on Saturday.

So as a starter, we would like you to explain why you are here, why we are here, and what on earth we are going to do!

Don’t worry if you think you have been here before – you haven’t – it changes every time and every cohort brings a new experience (we started this in 2005).


With whoever is near you, spend a couple of minutes in a pair/share discussion as follows (Phil will explain):

Explore with your partner why you/they are here…aspirations, envisioned future, authentic rationale…and try to elicit a surprising fact about your partner, anything really but ask them to be surprising and include what you/they might have done, want to do, or dream of doing (within or without reason).

We will then ask you to talk about your partner, explaining their responses.

Yes, it’s a speaking-listening, risk-taking, trust-building, ethics-exploring…exercise.

AND: what we say in the room stays in the room.

If your partner is your research partner then you have halved the work – the advantage of team work! If not – make a ‘critical friend‘ (what is one of these in research terms?)

(Helen will introduce Phil and Phil will introduce Helen – it’s the only time we talk to each other and discover new things about each other!)



Who said this? What did he mean? (Answers on the website)

Using critical and creative thinking, unpack this phrase – you will have one word per group and a short time working on a definition – this activity entails analysis and synthesis – Phil will explain and talk a little about RESEARCH PROCESS and TERMINOLOGY


(Who said this?)

Following on logically and chronologically from the PROCESSDoing the dates and working back from the Conference in April, 2022


Literature Review V Literature Search – Helen will explain now and set you a reading task; Julio will follow up in the Library on Saturday – bring your laptop.

And at some point we will look at this slideshow (Helen) and this one too. They provide detailed overviews of the value of looking at the literature and how to do this critically and with proper citations.

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