Review & recommend

On Saturday May 1st we will reconvene to reflect on and review the research findings and translate them into a summary of recommendations for the Senior Leadership team to consider on Monday May 3rd.


…should be completed during the session and added to the shared drive for COHORT 2

The drive will be open for you to add your file with edit function until Monday May 3rd and then for security I will close it so it is view only.

Additionally, would you please upload your Conference presentations to this Cohort 2 Presentations sub-folder in the main ISF Research Programme folder in the Google Drive. You may have already sent both your Community and your staff Conference presentations and I certainly have them somewhere in my email – so forgive me for asking again but this will ensure I haven’t missed any!

I will enable this folder as view only for ISF staff so we comply with our ethical guidelines.

If there is a request to view then I will check with the relevant research team first.

Tomorrow the main tasks will be:

  1. Reconvene and eat breakfast 09.30-10.00!
  2. Remind ourselves of the good work and the never-easy process, receiving a clap on the back.
    We have certificates to distribute (who doesn’t like a good certificate?!), but not tomorrow as I have some missing and it will be a good opportunity to gather again!
  3. Consider a research article that suggests ways of evaluating action research projects and make time to read it.
  4. Take a run through the Review Form and clarify any issues.
  5. Complete the Review Form – hold off on SECTION 5 for now.
  6. Re-group and discuss any roadblocks, complications or exciting prospects.
  7. Consider how we can enhance our published outcomes beyond the ISF community:
    1. by way of an ISF Research Journal with an editorial panel. The journal will be scholarly, online, and provide for various formats;
    2. by way of presentation externally at conferences and scholarly publications (IB, CARN, MAIS, ECIS...)
    3. Note the next CARN Conference is online in October and is an open invitation
  8. Revisit the Review Form, complete SECTION 5 and upload to the shared drive folder – make sure you add a clear title to your form.
  9. Dr Julio Puente our fab librarian will join us throughout to act as a further critical friend, support ideas for framing recommendations, and especially to advise on scholarly articles and using the US Library resources.
  10. Add further congratulations and eat a hearty lunch!

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