Rehearsal week

This week, 22nd March to Saturday 27th is an opportunity to work on finishing off and polishing up your presentations.

Helen has kindly offered to meet anyone/group for a 1:1 this week – please contact her directly for a meeting either at JS or US.

friday, march 26

We have neglected the Friday evening session throughout this year to keep it simple but I would like to invite anyone who wishes to meet at US at 4.00pm on Friday 26 in Room 22. This might be useful if you can’t meet Helen during the week or just want an extra session.

I can promise pizza and prosecco and a few minutes to recover if you have been participating in Margaret’s yoga class!

We will finish by 6.00pm.

saturday, march 27

I propose we meet at 09.30 for a light breakfast and then start at 10.00am.

Please come ready to rehearse your session.

To speed up the proceedings I suggest we split into 2 groups, one with Helen, the other with me.

We can use Room 22 and the Music Room.

We have 7 full groups + Emma who will present a 15 minute ‘Story so far’ as her Cycle 1.

Each research group has a 45 minutes max. time slot to use how they think best. This could be a straight rehearsal run through including Q and A, or master class style, stopping for comments and using the rest of the researchers as critical friends.

We will use the last 15 minutes or so together as a plenary and confirm arrangements for the Community Evening, which will be online.

If we start promptly at 10.00 and run through, grabbing coffee and comfort breaks as we go along, then we should be finished for lunch by 1.30.

I have spoken with Ylenia about on campus for the actual Research Conference on April 1st but we still need to work through the logistics and legality of this so at the moment plan for both on campus and online with at least the possibility of research groups coming onto campus to use the school network and equipment.

I will check with Riccardo to ensure the rooms you select have desktop or whiteboard cameras if needed and separate mics. We will also run sound and connectivity checks with Gianluca on Monday and Tuesday before the conference. With this in mind please let me know ASAP if you have a room preference for April 1st at Upper School or need advice on this.

(EMMA – much of this will also apply to Diversity Day on March 31st?)

Helen has been working on a presentation timetable for the evening of March 31st and April 1st and you can find the latest version on the Conference homepage of this site for 2021

Please confirm as soon as you can:

1. Your updated abstract for the programme (required)

2. Connect with Helen for a 1:1 (optional)

3. Meet on Friday evening just after 4.00pm (optional)

4. Attendance on Saturday (optional but bonkers if you don’t take the opportunity!!)

5. Check out any ethical considerations – consent forms if required – see link here (remember to make your own copy from google docs)

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