Data breakdown

Well, not quite a breakdown but a break-down!

Thanks to Helen and the research groups that have ‘volunteered’ to present their data collection methods so far.

Here is the the Zoom code for those joining virtually

Meeting ID: 813 8203 7991 Passcode: 221483

This morning’s programme:

[If at any time you feel the need for a reflective break then re-consider the ETHICS page or remind yourself about the SUTTON TRUST TOOLKIT of effective school interventions]

09.30-10.00 light breakfast 

10.00-10.15 welcome back, update and very short input on data analysis.

We will return to data in the January 23 meeting. If you are ahead of the game and want to work further on analysis, check out this link from Cohort 1, May 2019 – go to the bottom of the post and review Gerald Pine’s ppt and the youtube videos.

10.15-11.15 Data Collection Session – 4/5 research groups will talk briefly for 5 minutes approximately around the following topics.

·      further develop an understanding of some of the data collection methods available.

·      assist people in finding the most appropriate method of data collection to support their enquiry.

·      encourage an evaluation of the value and limitations for the methods.

·      Consider what additional data needs to be collected.

·      Discuss the depth of analysis needed

11.15-12.15 Breakout groups – opportunity for teams to get together – we will attempt to use Zoom breakout rooms for those joining in VL – bear with us!

12.15-1.00pm lunch for those on campus. (Thank you Franco for organising)

Attendees Phil, Helen, Genevra, Clare, Celi, Toni, Denley, Alessia, Mary Anne, Sue, Emma, Margaret, Andrea

Virtual: Antony, Catherine, Toby, Tamara, Lilla


Denley (Toby back-up); Lilla (Toby back-up); Alessia and Mary Anne; Clare K. and Danielle; Margaret and Andrea; Emma (Helen back-up); Catherine, Jenny, Katrina, Tamara; Antony; Celi, Sue and Clare; Toni & Genevra; Nina and Marco need some redefinition.

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