Following the meeting of September 26, 2020, researchers have now had the opportunity to refresh the thinking and in some cases regroup, join another group, disband their project and reframe their reseach question.

This is normal research process in abnormal times!

We now have 10 Projects which are becoming clearer focused and better articulated by researchers.

Please revisit the Project Page and using the same headings send Phil your reframed project details.

We also agreed to some new meeting dates as follows

Research Programme suggested meetings:

Saturday November 14th, 09.30-1.00pm followed by lunch:
Main themes: data collection/analysis; ethics; what are your sources of evidence? What is your data telling you so far?
Between September 26 and November 14 please ensure you have had at least one full meeting with Phil or Helen (Helen’s role to be confirmed), and completed an update to your project synopsis for the website.

Saturday January 23, 2021 – analysis and synthesis of findings towards presentations.

New Conference date Wednesday 31 March (community and students), Thursday April 1, Staff Conference

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