re-grouping September 2020

Welcome back to the Research Programme – if in fact you ever left it during lockdown?

Today, the intention is to review our projects, our groupings and research partners, and to consider what has changed, what this means for the research process, and what we will do next.

The ‘end in mind’ is a favourite Stephen Covey 2nd habit of mine so we are now backtracking from an ISF Research Conference in March 2020 when you will be expected to present your findings to ISF staff and community.

A couple of warm-ups to tune us back in:

  1. Life goes on at school, the same but different – ‘naughty children’ apologise in the contemporary COVID world…

…And the problem with 1-D evidence is?!

2. The nature of practitioner research in schools – a short slide show from Cohen and Manion

3. If this has wet your appetite, a partner to Action Research is Complexity Theory. You might find this piece of interest if you are looking to kick-start the thinking processes!

Schools exhibit many features of complex adaptive systems, being dynamical and unpredictable, non-linear organizations operating in unpredictable and changing external environments. Indeed schools both shape and adapt to macro- and micro‑societal changes, organizing themselves (maybe in response to external constraints and pressures), responding to and shaping their communities and society (i.e. all parties co-evolve).

Morrison, K, Cohen and Manion Ch. 1, op cit.

4. Where are you now – round up of researcher thinking at this point.

5. Regrouping? What do you need to change now? Is there someone you want to work with or talk to? DO SOME SPEED DATING WITH A COFFEE

6. BIG PAPER or small paper
Use a flip chart sheet to redraw your process and timelines.


You might find this template useful.


8. New timelines for meetings: QUESTION…LITERATURE…DATA COLLECT…DATA ANALYSE…DATA SYNTHESISE…PRESENTATION OF FINDINGS (non-linear, complex, reflect, impact, next cycle)

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