Ethics Update Summary

Please refer to the ETHICS page and read through the documentation but in any case consider the following for reference at each meeting:

Leading Edge Learning/ISF Research Programme

Parental Consent and Ethical Considerations for Research Conducted in Schools

 Summary for ISF researchers:

  1. ISF provides an annual document to staff and parents to agree and sign, with information about data protection and the use of data, including visual data. This covers much of the requirements for the collection and use of data in our research.
  2. ISF informs its community that we are a research active school and invites them to share in our outcomes and recommendations at an annual conference.
  3. All research is conducted on the principle of ‘do no harm’ and is in the interests of improving learning and teaching, and community cohesion.
  4. Ethical considerations are discussed at every stage of the research from proposal through to dissemination.
  5. Staff researchers will in most cases be working within recognised best professional practice. In this sense notification and invitation to participate is usually not necessary but it is recommended as ethical.
  6. Parent research groups should work closely with the Director of Research to discuss aspects of data collection and dissemination of findings.

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