Research Meeting Dates 2020

Start with the end in mind (S. Covey)

RESEARCH CONFERENCE October 22 (Community Day) and 23 (Staff Day), 2020 (to be confirmed)

  1. Identifying a tension in the environment – (Change / PLAN)

    1. December – January 10/11 Face to face 1
  2. Implement an intervention – (Take ACTION)

    1. January 11- March 27/28 Face to Face 2
  3. Evaluate your outcomes – (Analysis of data)

    1. June 4-6th Face to Face 3
      Research Symposium on Friday 5th with colleagues from Paris, Reykjavik and Barcelona 2.00-5.00pm followed by refreshment (no twilight session) Saturday session for data analysis and reflection on symposium)
  4. Presenting your findings (Conference preparation)

    1. September 24-26th Face to Face 4

  5. Presenting your findings and recommendations (Conference – Make PUBLIC)

    1. Thursday October 22nd afternoon and evening, community events;

    2. Friday October 23rd Staff Research Conference Day

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