Prep Meetings

During the coming week – January 7-10 we will set up preliminary meetings with each research group/researcher if working individually.

For teachers this will be during the school day on your campus.

For parents, Nina and Phil will work something out with you!

Meetings will be between 30-45 minutes long.

Please come to the meeting with your current ideas, big or small in scale, and ready to  reflect on the following questions:

In our 1:1 meetings, I’ll ask you:

  1. What’s your big idea at this point?/ What do you want to change? /What do you see as the problem? /What are you curious about…?
  2. Why is this so important to you?
  3. What have you done about it already?
  4. What do you know already?
  5. What’s your ‘envisioned future’ – What would you like it to look like when you’ve finished the project?
  6. PARENTS in particular: Looking at the project ideas so far, which ones are of special interest to you, and do you know who else you might work with? (It doesn’t matter yet if you are unclear)

You might find it useful to complete the following template – but only if it is a useful activity for you!
c2(i)inquiry plan

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