Food for Thought

December 10th preliminary Research Group Meeting

16.00 Secondary School

Welcome to the programme and this initial meeting.

Congratulations on submitting a successful proposal and I’m delighted to welcome you to the Leading Edge Learning Research Programme.
I’m looking forward to meeting up with as many of you as possible on Monday at 16.00.

The purpose of the meeting is to firstly come together as a cohort and share our passions and ideas for the research projects.

Linked below is a table of proposals
ISF Cohort 1 approved proposals

  1. Please collect your proposal thoughts and be prepared to do an informal ‘pitch’ for no more than 2 minutes to the research group.

Talking around your ideas in this way helps you to clarify your thinking and invites your research colleagues to begin the process of being a critical friend.

2.  Also importantly we will confirm dates for the year.

Here’s what we have so far:



3. A brief introductory consideration of research ethics and taking a school view…(See RESOURCES section 3 for a link to a couple of discussion papers)

We will return to ethics regularly …

4. Refreshments. I anticipate this will be around 17.30.

The meeting will officially finish at 17.30 but both Simon and I believe this social element of the programme is important as it serves to support the cohesion and collaborative endeavour we will all be involved in during this next year. Also so much ‘gets done’ and clarified in the informal moments.

Please be patient with me if you sense moments of drift during the meeting – whilst we are talking about cohesion and collaboration, the UK is plunging headlong into the opposite and it pains me greatly!!

Looking forward in any case to meeting and sharing with you.


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